The leaf and stem mines of British flies and other insects

(Coleoptera, Diptera, Hymenoptera and Lepidoptera)

by Brian Pitkin, Willem Ellis, Colin Plant and Rob Edmunds



N.B. Not all hosts have common names!
Sainfoin Sallow Salmonberry
Salsify Sand Sedge Saltmarsh Rush  
Saw-wort Scarlet Monkeyflower Scentless Mayweed Scots Lovage
Scots Pine Sea Arrowgrass
Sea Aster Sea Beet
Sea Campion Sea Club-rush Sea Holly Sea Kale
Sea Mayweed Sea Pea Sea Plantain Sea Rocket
Sea Rush Sea Sandwort Sea Wormwood Sea Purslane
Seaside Iris
Selfheal Service-tree Sessile Oak
Shaggy Soldier Sharp-leaved Fluellen Sheep's Sorrel Sheep's-bit
Sheep's fescue Shepherd's-purse Shining Pondweed Shrubby Sea-blite
Signet Marigold Silver Birch Silver Maple Silverweed
Six-rowed barley Slender Cock's-foot Slender Speedwell Slender St John's-wort
Slender Tufted-sedge Small Balsam
Small Caltrops Small-leaved Elm
Small Mallow Small Melilot Small Scabious Small Teasel
Smaller Cat's-tail Small-flowered Hawk's-beard Smooth-flowered Nightshade Small-leaved Lime
Smooth Brome Smooth Cat's-ear Smooth Hawk's-beard Smooth Meadow-grass
Smooth Sow-thistle Smooth Tare Smooth-stalked Sedge Snail Medick
  Snapdragon Sneezeweed Sneezewort
Snowberry Soapwort Soft Shield-fern Soft-brome
Solomon's-seal Sowbread Soya-bean
Spanish Broom Spanish Catchfly Spanish Valerian Spear Mint
Spear Thistle

Spear-leaved Willowherb Spear-leaved Orache Spiked Rampion
Spiiked Sedge Spinach Spindle Spiny Amaranth
Spiny Restharrow Spotted Dead-nettle
Spreading Treacle-mustard Spring Sandwort
Spruce Spurge-laurel Spurred Anoda Square-stalked St John's-wort
Squinancy Wort Squirting Cucumber St Patrick's-cabbage Star-of-Bethlehem
Star Sedge Sticky Goosefoot Sticky Groundsel Sticky Mouse-ear
Stinking Chamomile Stinking Hellebore Stinking Iris Stinking Tutsan
Stone Bramble Stone Parsley Stork's-bills Straw foxglove
Strawberry Clover Strawflower Sulphur Clover Sulphur Cinquefoil
Summer Jasmine Sunflower Swedish Service-tree Swedish Whitebeam
Sweet Basil Sweet Chesnut Sweet Cicely Sweet Pea
Sweet Pepper Sweet Tobacco Sweet Vernal-grass Sweet William

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