The leaf and stem mines of British flies and other insects

(Coleoptera, Diptera, Hymenoptera and Lepidoptera)

by Brian Pitkin, Willem Ellis, Colin Plant and Rob Edmunds


CHANGES - 2014
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28th December 2014 - National Leafmining Lepidoptera Scheme distribution map links added

A further 49 links to The National Leafmining Lepidoptera Scheme distribution maps were added, bringing the total number of links to 243.

23rd December 2014 - Index by Genus added

An index to valid species by genus has been added to facilitate access. This compliments the Index by Species, which includes junior names alphabetically, and the Checklists by Family or Genus, which also includes junior names.

18th December 2014 - NBN Missing Grid Map links added

Links to NBN Grid Maps which were until now flagged as "No map (Check for update)" have been updated so that the relevant Grid Map is embedded in a taxon page - even though the relevant map may have no record plots. This saves users having to check for updates.

21st November 2014 - Images wanted!

The presence or absence of images to illustrate this account have been added to the Checklists. If you are able to supply images to fill the gaps, they would me most welcome and would of course be credited to you.

20th November 2014 - Species added

Fenusa ulmi on Ulmus has been added to the species accounts and key.

27th October 2014 - New host record

Rhamphus oxycanthae on Prunus spinosa (British leafminers).

13th September 2013 - New host record

Stigemlla microtheriella on Nothofagus (pers. comm. Rob Edmunds, id John Langmaid) was added.

24th August 2014 - New images and links to Spencer (1972)

Two new images of mines of Phytomyza petoei on Spearmint have been added courtesy of Andy Banthorpe.

Links to a downloadable pdf of Spencer (1972) Handbooks for the identification of British Insects - Agromyzidae have been added throughout. This is one of many Handbooks published by the Royal Entomological Society of London which are out of print and have been made available as downloadable pdfs

10th July, 2014 - Phyllonorycter hostis and cydoniella

UK mines previously identified as Phyllonorycter cydoniella on Sorbus, are now recognised as Phyllonorycter hostis, which is now recorded on Cydonia, Malus and Sorbus.

4th July, 2014 - New host records

Coleophora siccifolia and Phyllonorycter blancardella on Malus sylvestris (British leafminers).

22nd June, 2014 - Toadflaxes

Small Toadflax and Malling Toadflax, originally treated in this account in Linaria, have now been moved to Chaenorhinum.

17th May, 2014 - New host records added

The following new host records were added - Cheilosia caerulescens on Sempervivum arachmoides (?= arachnoideum) and Sempervivum tectorum (Royal Horticultural Society) (pers. comm. R. Edwards).

2nd May 2014 - New host records added

The following new host records were added:- Caloptyilia semifascia on Acer saccharinum, Stigmella assimilella on Populus canescens and Stigmella trimaculella on Populus x canadensis Robusta (British leafminers).

29th April 2014 - Paralleloma vittatum updated

Paralleloma vittatum [Diptera: Scatophagidae] has been updated to include new records from Canada and a link to a downloadable pdf of the original illustrated article by Light & MacConaill (2014) in which these appeared.

7th February 2014 - Links to Ireland's NBDC interactive maps added

Links to Ireland's National Biodiversity Data Centre's interactive maps have been added for 241 of the 471 moths discussed here (of which 274 have been recorded from Ireland). Only six of the 491 flies discussed here (of which 137 are recorded from Ireland) have been mapped by NBDC. Only one (Orchestes fagi) of the 37 beetles discussed here (of which 17 are recorded from Ireland) has been mapped by NBDC. None of the 27 sawflies discussed here (of which 11 are recorded in Ireland) has been mapped by NBDC.

These NBDC links complement the 873 embedded NBN interactive grid maps in British leafminers of the 1, 026 beetles, flies, moths and sawflies discussed here.

26th January 2014 - Moth common names added

The common names (where they exist) have been added to moth species pages from the NBN Gateway. However, 'Petty-whin Case-bearer' rather than 'Penny-whin Case-bearer' [sic] is used for Coleophora genistae on Petty Whin and 'Dark Spruce Bell' rather than 'Dingy Spruce Bell' [sic] is used for Epinotia subsequana.

24th January 2014 - Host plant links to British Wild Flowers

Host plant links British Wild Flowers by John Somerville et al. to British Wild Flowers by John Somerville et al., where they exist, have been added to the species pages of all moths. There are now a total of 6, 766 individual links to the known host species of 1, 086 beetles, flies, moths and sawflies.

23rd January 2014 - New host record added

Phytomyza ranunculivora on Ranunculus repens (Nritish Leafminers) has been added.

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