The leaf and stem mines of British flies and other insects

(Coleoptera, Diptera, Hymenoptera and Lepidoptera)

by Brian Pitkin, Willem Ellis, Colin Plant and Rob Edmunds


Napomyza lateralis (Fallén, 1823)
[Diptera: Agromyzidae]

Calendula fly

Phytomyza lateralis Fallén, 1823b. Phytomyzides et Ochtidiae Sveciae : 3. Napomyza lateralis (Fallén, 1823b); Spencer, 1972b. Handbk ident. Br. Ins. 10(5g): 68
Napomyza lateralis (Fallén, 1823b); Spencer, 1976. Fauna ent. Scand. 5(1): 338-40, figs 616-9.
Napomyza lateralis (Fallén, 1823b); Spencer, 1990. Host specialization in the World Agromyzidae (Diptera) : 58, 150, 155, 207, 231, 251, 253, 259, 265, 274, 281, 290-1, 293, 295, 301, 302 (fig. 1167) and more.

Stem-feeder : Larvae normally feed in stems but have been found in the inflorescence (Spencer, 1972b: 68).

Larva: The larvae of flies are leg-less maggots without a head capsule (see examples). They never have thoracic or abdominal legs. They do not have chewing mouthparts, although they do have a characteristic cephalo-pharyngeal skeleton (see examples), usually visible internally through the body wall.

The larva is described by Dempewolf (2001: 179).

Puparium: The puparia of flies are formed within the hardened last larval skin or puparium and as a result sheaths enclosing head appendages, wings and legs are not visible externally (see examples).

Yellowish, elongate; posterior spiracles each with some 10 bulbs (without central horn).

Comments: Spencer (1990) accepts a Napomyza species on Linum as representing lateralis. However, more detailed studies may show that this population represents a distinct species.

Hosts in Great Britain and Ireland:

Anthemis       Spencer, 1972b: 111
Bidens       Spencer, 1972b: 112
Calendula       Spencer, 1972b: 112
Dimorphotheca       Spencer, 1972b: 113
Senecio vulgaris Groundsel British Wild Flowers by John Somerville et al. Spencer, 1972b: 114
Tripleurospermum maritimum x inodora     Spencer, 1972b: 113, as Matricaria

Hosts elsewhere:

Anthemis       Spencer, 1976: 340
Bellis       Spencer, 1990: 274
Bidens       Spencer, 1976: 340
Calendula       Spencer, 1976: 340
Carduus       Spencer, 1976: 340
Centaurea       Spencer, 1976: 340
Centaurea       Spencer, 1990: 251
Crepis       Spencer, 1990: 265
Dimorphotheca       Spencer, 1990: 290
Helichrysum       Spencer, 1976: 340
Inula       Spencer, 1976: 340
Lactuca       Spencer, 1976: 340
Matricaria       Spencer, 1976: 340
Matricaria       Spencer, 1990: 301
Senecio       Spencer, 1990: 293
Silybum       Spencer, 1976: 340
Tripleurospermum maritimum Sea Mayweed British Wild Flowers by John Somerville et al. Dempewolf, 2001: 179, as Matricaria maritima
Tripleurospermum maritimum x inodora     Spencer, 1976: 340
Linaceae       Spencer, 1976: 340
Linum       Spencer, 1990: 150

Time of year - larvae: Currently unknown.

TIme of year - adults: Currently unknown.

Distribution in Great Britain and Ireland: Widespread and common. Surrey (Richmond), London (Hampstead), Hertfordshire (Brookman's Park), Inverness (Inverness) (Spencer, 1972b: 68); Caernarvonshire, Cambridgeshire, Dumfriesshire, East Cornwall, East Kent, Fife, Glamorgan, Huntingdonshire, Monmouthshire, North Hampshire, Nottinghamshire, Pembrokeshire, Shropshire, South Essex, South-west Yorkshire, Surrey, West Kent and West Suffolk (NBN Atlas).

Also recorded in the Republic of Ireland (Fauna Europaea).

Distribution elsewhere: Common throughout much of Europe including Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden (Spencer, 1976: 340), Germany (Spencer, 1976: 566; Dempewolf, 2001: 179; Spencer, 1990: 150), Austria, Azores, Belarus, Belgium, Canary Is., Czech Republic, Estonia, European Turkey, French mainland, Hungary, Italian mainland, Latvia, Lithuania, Madeira, Poland, Sicily, Spanish mainland, Switzerland and Yugoslavia (Fauna Europaea).

Also recorded in Japan and Canada (Spencer, 1976: 340).

NBN Atlas links to known host species:

Senecio vulgaris, Matricaria maritimus, Tripleurospermum maritimum x inodorum

British and Irish Parasitoids in Britain and elsewhere:

Chrysocharis gemma (Walker, 1839) Eulophidae: Entedoninae
Sphegigaster pedunculiventris (Spinola, 1808) Pteromalidae: Pteromalinae
Ichneumonoidea - Links to species no longer available  
Chorebus alecto (Morley, 1924) Braconidae: Alysiinae
Chorebus didas (Nixon, 1944) Braconidae: Alysiinae
Chorebus flavipes (Goureau, 1851) Braconidae: Alysiinae
Chorebus leptogaster (Haliday, 1839) Braconidae: Alysiinae
Chorebus parvungula (Thomson, 1895) Braconidae: Alysiinae
Chorebus senilis (Nees, 1812) Braconidae: Alysiinae
Dacnusa pubescens (Curtis, 1926) Braconidae: Alysiinae


Wing of Napomyza lateralis
Wing of Napomyza lateralis

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