The leaf and stem mines of British flies and other insects

(Coleoptera, Diptera, Hymenoptera and Lepidoptera)

by Brian Pitkin, Willem Ellis, Colin Plant and Rob Edmunds




I am very grateful to many of my colleagues in the Department of Entomology at The Natural History Museum, London who collected material with or for me. In particular I thank John Chainey, Jenny Spence and my wife Linda Pitkin.

I am grateful to David and Diane Henshaw, Michael von Tschirnhaus and the late Kenneth Spencer and for much interesting and informative discussion on Agromyzidae; to Mike Ackland for providing additional data on Anthomyiidae; to Ian White for interesting and informative discussion on Tephritidae; and to Paul Beuk who confirmed the identity of the leaf-mining Drosophilidae on which many of the host records of this family are based. Any errors or ommissions, however, are entirely my responsibility.

I am grateful to Willem Ellis for permission to reproduce many images of leaf-mines from his Bladmineerders en plantengallen van Europa (formerly Nederlandse bladmineerders and Bladmineerders van Europa) website.

I am grateful to Rob Edmunds for permission to reproduce the images of mines from the British Leafminers website.

The following individuals kindly gave me permission to embed their images of adults from UKMoths on this website:- Charles Baker (17), Andy Banthorpe (2), Helen Bantock (6), Robin Barfoot (1), Ian Barton (4), Andy Beaumont (2), Phil Boggis (1), Patrick Clement (5), Charles Fletcher (8), David Griffiths (2), Paul Harris (1), Bob Heckford (4), Ian Kimber (85), Paul Kitchener (3), John Knowler (1), Roy Laverton (1), Brian Leecy (1), Chris Lewis (1), Mark Lawlor (4), Andy Mackay (10), Guy Meredith (3), Mark Parsons (2), David Slade (3), Ben Smart (36), Ian Smith (15), Francis Solly (3), Chris Steeman (1), Barry Stewart (1), Charlie Streets (1), Tom Tams (1), Oliver Wadsworth (7), and Duncan Williams (7). To all I extend my grateful thanks.

I am grateful to my wife Linda Pitkin who has made 114 images of host plants available from her website and Peter Wakeham for permission to use his image of Pirri-Pirri-Bur (Acaene novae-zelandiae).

I am grateful to Trevor & Dilys Pendleton for permission to use images of Caloptilia robustella from their website and Francis Solly for images of Coleophora ramosella and Phyllonorycter distentella.

I am grateful to Dominique Collins, FERA for permission to use images of mines of Liriomyza species taken by Paul Seymour and for his generous help with information on the hosts of the polyphagous pest species of Liriomyza.

I am grateful to Stephen Compton for drawing my attention to the published records of Chromatomyia horticola and Scaptomyza flava on Coincya wrightii - Lundy Cabbage.

I am grateful to my colleagues Marion Stafford and Alison Paul of the Museum's Botany Department who identified (or verified my tentative identifications) of some of the host-plants.

I am grateful to my colleague John Noyes who made his Universal Chalcidoid Database available as a Paradox database, which enabled me to extract lists of all British Chalcidoids and their British dipterous leaf- and stem-mining hosts to create the hyperlinks to his excellent online database.

I am grateful to Patrick Roper who provided much information on the hoverfly Cheilosia caerulescens on House leeks (Sempervivum), a species and host plant not previously included.

The Professor Hering Memorial Fund, administered by The British Entomological and Natural History Society, kindly provided funds to purchase film in the early stages of the project.

Brian Pitkin

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