The leaf and stem mines of British flies and other insects

(Coleoptera, Diptera, Hymenoptera and Lepidoptera)

by Brian Pitkin, Willem Ellis, Colin Plant and Rob Edmunds


Anoplus roboris Suffrian, 1840
[Coleoptera : Curculionidae]

Anoplus roboris Suffrian, 1840.

Leaf-miner: Oviposition in the underside of the midrib or a thick lateral vein; the oviposition site develops into a large scar. The larva makes a corridor that runs towards the leaf margin. The ultimate part of the mine is a corridor in the leaf tip, with frass in a narrow black central line (Bladmineeders van Europa).

The mine starts by the midrib abd runs towards the leaf edge. The frass is in a narrow central line. The leaf may tear along the course of the mine (British leafminers).

Larva: The larvae of beetles have a head capsule and chewing mouthparts with opposable mandibles and lack abdominal legs (see examples).

Pupa: The pupae of beetles have visible head appendages, wings and legs which lie in sheaths (see examples).

Hosts in Great Britain and Ireland:

Alnus       Pitkin & Plant
Alnus       British leafminers

Hosts elsewhere:

Alnus incana Grey Alder British Wild Flowers by John Somerville et al. Bladmineeders van Europa
Alnus glutinosa Alder British Wild Flowers by John Somerville et al. Bladmineeders van Europa

Time of year - larvae: Summer, early autumn (British leafminers).

Time of year - adults: Currently unknown.

Distribution in Great Britain and Ireland: Widespread in Britain including Breconshire, Caernarvonshire, Cumberland, Dumfriesshire, East Kent, East Norfolk, East Sussex, Leicestershire, Merionethshire, Mid-west Yorkshire, Montgomeryshire, North Hampshire, North-east Yorkshire, North-west Yorkshire, Radnorshire, South Hampshire, South Wiltshire, Surrey, West Kent, West Norfolk, West Suffolk, West Sussex and Worcestershire (NBN Atlas).

Distribution elsewhere: Widespread in continental Europe including Bulgaria, ? Corsica, French mainland, Germany, Italian mainland, Poland, and Slovakia (Fauna Europaea).

NBN Atlas links to known host species:

Alnus glutinosa, Alnus incana

British and Irish Parasitoids in Britain and elsewhere: Currently unknown.

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