The leaf and stem mines of British flies and other insects

(Coleoptera, Diptera, Hymenoptera and Lepidoptera)

by Brian Pitkin, Willem Ellis, Colin Plant and Rob Edmunds


SCHOENOPLECTUS. Club-rushes. [Cyperaceae]

Four species of Schoenoplectus are recorded in Britain. All are native and include Common Club-rush (S. lacustris), Sharp Club-rush (S. pungens), Grey Club-rush (S. tabernaemontana) and Triangular Club-rush (S. triqueter). The BSBI provide a downloadable plant crib for Schoenoplectus.

Three British miners are recorded on Schoenoplectus.

A key to the European miners recorded on Scirpus including Schoenoplectus is provided in Bladmineerders van Europa.

Key for the identification of the known mines of British
insects (Diptera and non-Diptera) recorded on Schoenoplectus

1a > Leaf-miner / Stem-borer: The larvae feed inside the stems. Narrow gallery in a young leaf. After having mined for some time the larva becomes a borer in the stem or rhizome.

Recorded Scirpus, Glyceria, Iris, Sparganium and Typha, but not yet on Schoenoplectus, in Britain and Schoenoplectus, Glyceria, Iris, Sparganium and Typha elsewhere. Locally distributed from southern England northwards to southern Scotland. Also recorded in the Republic of Ireland. Widespread in continental Europe.

Orthotelia sparganella (Thunberg, 1788) [Lepidoptera: Glyphipterigidae].

1b > Leaf-miner: A very long mine. Pupation at base of leaf (Spencer, 1972b: 100). Puparium brown

Very long upper-surface corridor, at the end about 1/3 of the width of the leaf. The mine usually begins about halfway along the blade and descends within the leaf sheath. Just before pupation all frass is deposited in one big mass. Puparium within the mine, where it also passes the winter.

On Carex and Scirpus, but not yet on Schoenoplectus, in Britain and Scirpus and Scheonoplectus in continental Europe. Probably widespread in Britain. Widespread in continental Europe. Also recorded in Canada.

Cerodontha scirpi (Karl, 1926) [Diptera: Agromyzidae].

1c > Leaf-miner: Mines and larvae indistinguishable from C. morosa. Mine relatively short and broad, not extending into leaf base. Pupation in the mine (Spencer, 1976: 219).

On Carex and Scirpus, but not yet on Schoenoplectus, in Britain and elsewhere. Only recorded from Cambridge, Suffolk and Warwick in Britain. Widespread in continental Europe.

Cerodontha suturalis (Hendel, 1931) [Diptera: Agromyzidae].

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